Meta Quest 3 v66 and v67 updates

V66 Update

The Meta Quest v66 update brings a number of improvements to the VR headset, including:

  • Reduced Passthrough Distortion: This update should make the real world look clearer and more accurate when you use the passthrough feature to see your surroundings. You can find comparisons of the before and after online [reddit quest update v66].
  • Background Audio Support: Now you can listen to music or podcasts in the background while you play games or use other apps.
  • Wrist Menu Button: The update adds functionality to the wrist menu button on the Meta Quest 3 controller.

The update is being rolled out gradually, so you may not have it yet. You can check for updates in your headset settings.

V67 Update

The Meta Quest v67 update is a significant update that focuses on the user interface (UI) and introduces a new feature called “spatial windows.” Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spatial Windows: This is the major change in v67. It allows you to freely position and move windows around your virtual environment in the home space, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro [YouTube Meta Quest V67 Spatial Update]. This can be useful for multitasking, watching movies in a virtual theater, or creating a more customized workspace.

  • Early Access: V67 is currently in the Public Test Channel (PTC), which means it’s not available to everyone yet. This allows Meta to gather feedback and fix bugs before a wider release [YouTube New QUEST Update Goes FULL Vision Pro !! v67].

  • Limited Functionality: In the PTC version, you can have up to three docked windows and three spatial displays. You can also adjust the size of each panel and freely position your virtual keyboard [YouTube Meta Quest V67 Spatial Update].

  • Future Potential: This update is seen as a big step towards Meta’s vision for a new operating system focused on spatial computing. It paves the way for a more integrated experience where virtual elements can be placed and interact with the physical world.

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