Top 10 Apps

These are some of the best VR apps for history educational related purposes that are currently available. They are defined simply as providing information to enhance their knowledge or providing ways to impart that knowledge to others. VR is going to be an incredible tool for learning!

It is difficult to provide the ‘top 10’ as a blanket for all educational apps as they cover different areas. We cannot compare the best astronomy learning apps with an app on how to service your car. Therefore I think it is best to categorise these to some extent.

Space / Universe

An exciting area that is well suited to VR!

Titans of Space

This really is an excellent app that takes you on a ride through the solar system. I think this is a must for any VR system.

Google Earth

Look back at the Earth from outer space and fly to anywhere in the world. An incredibly absorbing app even if you are just checking out your holiday location before booking that hotel!

Go for launch mercury

Apollo 11 VR HD

Very immersive simulation with the actual audio recordings putting you right into the pilot’s seat for a replay of the founding missions of today’s space program. Beautiful graphics, especially the orbital environment.

Apollo 11 VR HD

You can feel, see, experience what the astronauts saw when they arrived to the Moon’s orbit. Wonderfully detailed Saturn V rocket, moon view, Earth view. 

Mars 2030 VR

Apollo 11 VR HD

Good educational experience – you’ll learn about Mars, plans for manned exploration of Mars, technology, etc. There’s also 40 square kilometers of real Martian terrain to explore.