Jig space VR. Rating 8/10

JIg Space has been around for a while, however this is a venture into virtual reality and in the whole it works. Currently there are just under 50 different ‘tutorials’ about how things work. These are actually very diverse and mostly they are very interesting. Even how a key works can be a revelation to some people. Others include jet engines, the eye and space probes. There are some which seem to be fillers in some sense. How to ‘castle’ in chess and reverse park a car seem a bit strange to include. There are two lego star wars building ones which is bizarre. Can you imagine removing your goggles each time to add a brick? This shouldn’t detract from the majority of these which are both fascinating and informative. This will prove interesting to adults and children, but more content is of course needed as it is possible to go through the ones of particular interest fairly quickly. I would have thought this aoo would be good value at 2.99, however it is actually FREE which puts my overall rating up to 8/10. Good work and I hope for a lor more. Loads of potential!