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Tabletop Playground

Tabletop Playground VR is the virtual reality version of the popular PC game Tabletop Playground. It allows you to play a vast collection of board games, card games, and even create your own, all within an immersive VR environment. Here’s what you can expect:

Huge Game Library (Mostly User-Created):

  • Tabletop Playground doesn’t come with built-in games itself. Its strength lies in its massive community-created library of games. You can find mods for virtually any board game you can imagine, from classics like Chess and Risk to complex titles like Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror. This makes it incredibly versatile and allows you to discover new and unique games all the time.

Physics and Customization:

  • The VR experience shines with realistic physics. Picking up pieces, rolling dice, and shuffling cards feels natural and satisfying in VR. You can also customize the look and feel of the virtual tabletop, including the environment, board designs, and game pieces.

Multiplayer Focus:

  • Tabletop Playground VR is designed for multiplayer fun. You can gather with friends online or in the same physical space (local multiplayer) and enjoy a social gaming experience. There’s even support for voice chat, making it easy to strategize and have a laugh with your fellow players.

VR Immersion:

  • VR adds a whole new layer of presence to tabletop gaming. Leaning over the game board to strategize, reaching across the table to grab a card, and seeing the game world from a virtual perspective creates a more engaging experience.

Some Downsides to Consider:

  • Reliance on User-Created Content: While the library is vast, the quality of mods can vary. You might need to search for high-quality versions of your favorite games, and some games might not be perfectly adapted for VR.
  • Learning Curve: The VR controls can take some getting used to, especially for manipulating game pieces.


Tabletop Playground VR offers a unique and versatile VR take on tabletop gaming. With its massive library, realistic physics, and social features, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of board games in a virtual world. Just keep in mind the reliance on user-created content and the learning curve for VR controls.