Atlas Mystery

The Atlas Mystery is a VR puzzle game set in a 1940s era movie palace that played host to a notorious Hollywood tragedy. You assume the role of a newly hired floor manager at The Atlas Theater, and must navigate through the twisted labyrinth of the Atlas as you solve intricate puzzles, discover startling artifacts, and evade sinister forces to uncover the shocking truth behind the theater’s dark history.

The game combines challenging escape-room style puzzles with a riveting investigative narrative full of shocking twists and haunting revelations, plunging players into a detailed and captivating world inspired by classic cinema.

The Atlas Mystery is available now on Steam VR, Meta Quest (via App Lab), and Viveport.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Immersive and atmospheric setting: The Atlas Theater is a beautifully rendered 1940s era movie palace, complete with intricate details and a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
  • Challening puzzles: The puzzles in The Atlas Mystery are well-designed and challenging, requiring players to use their problem-solving skills to progress.
  • Riveting narrative: The game’s narrative is full of shocking twists and revelations, keeping players engaged throughout the experience.
  • Detailed and captivating world: The Atlas Mystery is set in a detailed and captivating world inspired by classic cinema. Players will find themselves exploring the haunted halls of the Atlas Theater, uncovering its dark secrets.

If you’re looking for a challenging and immersive VR puzzle game with a gripping narrative, then The Atlas Mystery is definitely worth checking out.