Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2 is a VR puzzle-adventure game set in a dystopian cold war era with a spacefaring theme. You play as Sasha, an agent who wakes up in a lunar base and gets tasked with uncovering the secrets of a mysterious substance called Red Matter.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in Red Matter 2 VR:

Exploration and Atmosphere:

  • Immerse yourself in stunning alien landscapes and explore visually impressive Volgravian bases.
  • The game is praised for its realistic environments that make you feel like you’re actually there.


  • Solve mind-bending puzzles that challenge your logic and environmental awareness.
  • Interact with objects in the world to progress and uncover clues.
  • Hack terminals to gain access to information.
  • Some reviews mention there’s also platforming involved.


  • The narrative follows Sasha on an emotionally charged journey as she uncovers the truth behind the Red Matter.
  • You’ll encounter remnants of someone from Sasha’s past, adding another layer to the story.

VR Support:

  • Red Matter 2 is designed specifically for VR and offers a fully interactive world that enhances the feeling of immersion.
  • It’s available on multiple VR platforms including Playstation VR, Steam VR, and the Oculus Quest series 2/3/Pro).


  • While some praise the visuals for pushing the boundaries on the Meta Quest, others say they’re not groundbreaking on PC VR.