RealFlight Evolution

RealFlight Evolution VR is a virtual reality (VR) version of the popular RC flight simulator RealFlight Evolution. It was released in 2022 for Meta (formerly Oculus) and SteamVR headsets. The game allows players to experience the thrill of flying RC aircraft in a whole new way, with the added immersion of VR.

RealFlight Evolution VR features all of the same content as the original game, including over 300 different aircraft to fly, over 75 different flying sites, and a variety of challenges and multiplayer modes. However, the VR version also includes some unique features, such as the ability to look around the cockpit and see the world from the pilot’s perspective.

The game has been praised for its realistic graphics and its immersive VR experience. However, it has also been criticized for its lack of content and its high price tag.

Overall, RealFlight Evolution VR is a solid VR game that offers a realistic and immersive RC flight experience. However, it may not be for everyone, as it can be expensive and lacks a lot of content.

Here are some of the pros and cons of RealFlight Evolution VR:


  • Realistic graphics
  • Immersive VR experience
  • Variety of aircraft and flying sites
  • Multiplayer modes


  • Lack of content
  • High price tag
  • Can be disorienting for some players

If you’re a fan of RC flight and you have a VR headset, then RealFlight Evolution VR is definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re not sure if you’re ready for the full VR experience, then you might want to start with the original game first.