Meta Quest 3- Latest news

The Meta Quest 3 is scheduled to be released in Fall 2023. This means that it could be released anytime between September and December of this year. Meta has not yet announced a specific release date, but they have said that more details will be revealed at the Meta Connect conference on September 27.

The Meta Quest 3 is the successor to the popular Meta Quest 2. It is expected to have a number of improvements over the Quest 2, including a more powerful processor, a higher resolution display, and a lighter and more comfortable design. It is also expected to be compatible with the Metaverse, which is Meta’s vision for a future where people can interact with each other and with virtual worlds in a more immersive way.

If you are interested in the Meta Quest 3, you can sign up for the Meta Quest 3 waitlist on the Meta website. This will give you early access to information about the headset and the opportunity to purchase it as soon as it is available.