Anne Frank House VR

Anne Frank House VR is a virtual reality (VR) experience that allows users to explore the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II. The experience was created by Force Field Entertainment and was released in 2017.

The VR experience is narrated by Anne Frank herself, and it allows users to walk through the Secret Annex and see the rooms where Anne and her family lived, worked, and hid. Users can also read Anne’s diary entries and learn about her life during the war.

Anne Frank House VR has been praised for its immersive and educational experience. It has been used in schools and museums around the world to teach people about Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

Here are some of the features of Anne Frank House VR:

  • Immersive experience: The experience is designed to be as immersive as possible, using VR technology to transport users to the Secret Annex.
  • Educational: The experience provides users with information about Anne Frank, the Holocaust, and the Secret Annex.
  • Narrated by Anne Frank: The experience is narrated by Anne Frank herself, which gives users a personal connection to her story.
  • Interactive: Users can interact with the environment in the Secret Annex, such as opening drawers and reading books.
  • Accurate: The experience is based on the latest research on the Secret Annex, ensuring that users are getting an accurate representation of the space.

If you are interested in learning more about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, then you should definitely check out Anne Frank House VR. It is an immersive and educational experience that will stay with you long after you have finished it.

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