The Riese Project

The Riese Project – Prologue is a playable introduction to the full version of the game. It will immerse you in the mysterious underground of the Owl Mountains. The plot is based on one of the most enigmatic complexes built by the Nazis between 1943-1945 – the “Riese Complex”. As Anna, you will follow in the footsteps of your grandfather’s discoveries, unraveling the secrets from World War II. Engage in a battle for the truth and risk losing your return to reality. Experience a fascinating world that completely engrosses the player.

The story behind the Reise Project

The Riese Project, also known as “Die Riese” (German for “The Giant”), was a secretive Nazi German military project during World War II. It was primarily focused on the construction and development of an underground complex and facility in the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge) of Lower Silesia, which is now part of modern-day Poland.

The exact purpose of the Riese Project remains a subject of speculation and mystery, as much of the documentation and information related to the project were either destroyed by the Nazis as they retreated or remain classified. However, several theories have been proposed about its intended use:

  1. Underground Factories and Facilities: Some historians believe that the Riese Project was intended to house underground factories for the production of advanced weapons, such as jet engines and the V-2 rocket.

  2. Secure Communication and Command Center: Another theory suggests that the complex was designed to serve as a secure communication and command center for the Nazi leadership, providing a safe location from which they could direct military operations.

  3. Bunkers and Shelters: The Riese Project could have been intended as a network of bunkers and shelters to protect high-ranking officials and essential personnel from Allied bombing raids.

  4. Research and Development: It’s possible that the project was related to advanced research and development efforts, including experimental technologies or secret weapons.

The Riese Project consisted of a series of interconnected tunnels, chambers, and structures carved into the mountains, utilizing slave labor from concentration camps. Some of the sites associated with the Riese Project include Wenceslaus Mine, Rzeczka, Osówka, and Krzyżowa, among others.

After the war, the Riese complex was largely abandoned, and its purpose and significance have continued to capture the imagination of historians, researchers, and conspiracy theorists. Many of the underground structures are now open to the public as historical sites and museums, providing a glimpse into the secretive and enigmatic nature of the Nazi project.