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Tsuro VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the award-winning board game Tsuro: The Game of the Path. Developed by Thunderbox Entertainment, it offers a relaxing and strategic gameplay experience in a VR environment.

Here’s a breakdown of what Tsuro VR is all about:


  • It retains the core mechanics of the original Tsuro board game. Players take turns placing path tiles and then slide their playing pieces along the ever-growing network of paths.
  • The objective is to stay on the board as long as possible, while strategically affecting the paths of your opponents, potentially leading them off the board.

VR Immersion:

  • Tsuro VR takes the classic gameplay to a new level by placing you in a serene temple garden environment.
  • You can enjoy the game from different perspectives: walk across the board for a close-up view or scale the temple rooftops for a strategic overview.

Additional Features:

  • The VR version offers some extras not found in the physical board game, like:
    • Unlocking new game pieces as you progress.
    • Discovering hidden secrets within the temple environment.
    • Encountering occasional visits from friendly wildlife.

Overall Experience:

Tsuro VR is described as a relaxing and meditative VR game that combines light strategy with a calming atmosphere. It’s suitable for solo play against AI opponents or for multiplayer VR sessions with friends.

Here are some resources if you’d like to learn more about Tsuro VR: