Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World is actually the VR version of the game itself! It’s not separate titles but rather the core experience designed specifically for virtual reality 

Here’s what makes Dash Dash World stand out in VR:

  • Super Immersive Control: The game emphasizes a truly immersive experience by offering full hand controls for both driving your kart and using weapons. This lets you feel like you’re truly behind the wheel and interacting with the world naturally.
  • Focus on Combat Racing: While racing is the core gameplay, Dash Dash World throws in weapon pick-ups and power-ups to add a chaotic and exciting combat element to the competition.
  • Wide Range of Options: Despite the VR focus, the game offers various control schemes, including a traditional thumbstick option alongside the immersive hand controls. This caters to both VR veterans and newcomers.
  • Motion Sickness Prevention: The developers included features to minimize motion sickness, making the VR experience more accessible for those who might be sensitive.

Overall, Dash Dash World VR offers a fast-paced, combat-fueled kart racing experience designed to take full advantage of virtual reality’s immersive capabilities.