Project Wingman

Project Wingman VR is a virtual reality (VR) version of the popular combat flight simulator game, Project Wingman. It allows players to experience the thrill of flying in a variety of advanced fighter jets and engaging in aerial combat in a truly immersive way.

Project Wingman VR features the same intense dogfights, large-scale ground assaults, and epic boss battles as the standard version of Project Wingman. However, it also features a number of VR-specific features, such as:

  • Head tracking: Project Wingman VR tracks the player’s head movements and adjusts the view accordingly. This allows players to look around the cockpit and see the world around them in a natural way.
  • Stereoscopic rendering: Project Wingman VR renders the scene in stereo, which creates a sense of depth and realism.
  • VR controls: Project Wingman VR can be controlled using a variety of VR controllers, such as the Oculus Touch controllers and the HTC Vive controllers. This allows players to interact with the cockpit and controls in a natural way.

Project Wingman VR is a great choice for anyone who enjoys combat flight simulation and who wants to experience the thrill of VR. It is also a good choice for people who are interested in learning more about military aviation.

Here are some of the things that players enjoy most about Project Wingman VR:

  • The sense of immersion is incredible. Flying through the air in a cockpit and engaging in dogfights feels truly real.
  • The graphics and physics are top-notch. The game looks and feels amazing, and the combat is very realistic.
  • The gameplay is challenging and rewarding. There is a lot to learn, but it is very satisfying to master the different aircraft and combat tactics.
  • The world is vast and beautiful. Players can fly over a variety of different landscapes, from dense jungles to snow-capped mountains.

If you are looking for a truly immersive and exciting VR combat flight simulator game, then Project Wingman VR is the game for you.

Project Wingman VR is currently only available for the PlayStation VR2 headset.