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Chess Club

Chess Club is generally considered good, especially for chess enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of its pros and cons to help you decide:

  • Immersive VR experience: Chess Club places you in visually stunning environments, making you feel like you’re playing chess in a grand palace or a mystical Stonehenge.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: You can play against AI opponents of varying difficulty levels, allowing you to practice and improve your chess skills.
  • Online multiplayer: Chess Club allows you to play against other players online, giving you a chance to test your skills against a wider range of opponents.
  • Hand tracking support: The game offers intuitive hand tracking support, adding to the feeling of manipulating real chess pieces.
Key features ♘ Play against a friend or the AI 🙂 Avatars and Voice IP 🏆 Casual and rated matches 📜 Track your moves history ⏲️ Different time rules ⛰️ 4 environments: Grand Palace, Stonehenge, Escher Dream and Masters Garden ⚔️ Fight animations and sound FX ✌️ Both Hand tracking and Touch controllers are supported! We keep working on frequent updates and will be adding new features as the game evolves. Some of the most awaited functionalities are already in the pipeline: chess school, tournaments and even spectators so that you can join matches of pro players or cheer for your friends!