ornament express

Investigate strange oddities in Ornament Express, where you’re hired to recover your client’s belongings from an eccentric thief and his train of stolen artifacts. Explore a cabinet of curiosities throughout the train, visit carts holding odd puzzles, odder objects, and find hidden away secrets.

You’ve been hired by your client after a crime streak saw her valuable curio stolen. The trail this eccentric thief left behind leads you to a train, filled with stolen artefacts and mysterious items. Can you find the client’s stolen goods?

In this game you’re tasked with sneaking through a moving cabinet of curiosity, the hideout of a fanatic thief obsessed with the strange and weird, looking for what he stole from your client. Stuck behind a series of puzzles and locked in the train, you’ll have to rummage through drawers and clutter, solve the puzzles laid out in the carts and codes to continue progressing through this strange hoard of bits and bobbles.

Find all the ways in which you can create chaos in the once pristine train cart, messing up the hideout of the thief as much as you can! Pull open drawers, scatter papers around and play with the many souvenirs the thief has collected. The train becomes a captivating playground of disorder, showcasing the aftermath of your relentless pursuit to recover the client’s precious curio.

Board this short VR experience on any OpenXR compatible headset.

Ornament Express is a game made by 3rd year game development students from Breda University of Applied Sciences.