Rooms of Realities

Rooms of Realities VR is an anthology of virtual escape rooms that you can enjoy in solo or co-op mode. The game offers 9 chapters full of puzzles set in 3 different scenarios: an ancient pyramid, an underwater station, and even an asylum.

Key Features:

  • Immersive Puzzle-Solving Adventures: Immerse yourself in challenging and engaging escape room experiences set in unique and captivating locations.

  • Solo or Co-operative Play: Challenge yourself in solo mode or work together with friends in up to 4-player cooperative gameplay.

  • Variety of Puzzles and Challenges: Conquer a diverse range of puzzles, from riddles and logic challenges to physical and mind-bending tasks.

  • Interactive Environments: Explore and interact with the environment, finding clues and solving puzzles to progress through each room.

  • Intriguing Narrative and Backstories: Unravel the mysteries and secrets hidden within each location, delving into the stories that connect them all.

  • Beautiful Visuals and Atmospheric Sound Design: Experience the game’s immersive atmosphere with stunning graphics and captivating sound effects.

  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Collaborate with friends on different VR headsets and platforms to solve puzzles together.

Rooms of Realities VR delivers a thrilling and engaging escape room experience in virtual reality. With its diverse puzzles, immersive environments, and cooperative gameplay, it’s perfect for both solo players and groups of friends seeking a challenging and rewarding adventure.