The Oculus 3 is here

The Oculus 3 is a new virtual reality (VR) headset released by Meta in
November 2023. It is the successor to the Oculus Quest 2 and offers a number of
improvements, including:

More powerful hardware

Higher resolution

New controllers

And best of all, Mixed Reality- A whole new dimension to VR. Play pool
on your dining room table, shoot monsters on your stairs, learn to play your
piano that has been sitting there unused for years! :D. A remarkable new world has
been opened up. This is going to be fun!



  • More powerful hardware: The Oculus 3 is powered by the next-generation Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, which offers more than twice the GPU processing power of the Quest 2. This means that graphics will be smoother and faster, and VR experiences will be more immersive than ever before.
  • Oculus 3 VR headset, front view
  • Higher resolution displays: The Oculus 3 has the highest resolution displays of any VR headset on the market, with a pixel density of 3664 x 1920 per eye. This means that images will be sharper and more detailed, and VR experiences will feel more realistic.
  • New Touch Plus controllers: The Oculus 3 comes with new Touch Plus controllers that are lighter and more ergonomic than the controllers for the Quest 2. They also feature new haptics that provide a more immersive experience.
  • Meta Reality: The Oculus 3 introduces Meta Reality, a new feature that allows users to blend virtual elements into their physical space. This means that users can interact with virtual objects in the real world, such as playing games on a virtual table or using a virtual whiteboard.

The Oculus 3 is a significant improvement over the Quest 2 and offers the best VR experience available today. It is perfect for gamers, creators, and anyone who wants to experience the metavers

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