Retropolis 2

Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye is a VR adventure game that puts you in the shoes (or rather, chassis) of Philip Log, a robo-detective in a neon-lit, retro-futuristic city called Retropolis. It’s all about solving mysteries and uncovering secrets as you navigate this intriguing world.

Here’s what makes Retropolis 2 stand out in VR:

  • Puzzle-Solving with Extendable Arms: You control Philip’s unique extendable arms to grab objects from afar, manipulate the environment, and solve the puzzles you encounter.
  • Engaging Story: Dive into a rich sci-fi narrative as you tackle a new standalone adventure in Retropolis.
  • Built for VR: The developers designed the game specifically for VR, ensuring smooth and intuitive interaction within the virtual world.
  • Visually Stunning: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of Retropolis with its improved graphics and character animations.

If you’re a VR enthusiast who enjoys a good mystery with a unique setting, Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye might be the perfect game for you.

Reviews: Very positive. Scoring over 90% in the majority of reviews it is definitely a game that rarely disappoints.

Top review:

By Faf:

Retropolis 2 takes everything great about the first game and makes it even better. With a longer story, deeper gameplay, and engaging puzzles, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. The art and voice acting are outstanding, bringing the world to life in a captivating way. Highly recommended for fans of the series and newcomers alike!