Ultimate Swing Golf

Ultimate Swing Golf VR is a VR golf game developed by Clap Hanz, the studio behind the Everybody’s Golf series. It focuses on offering a balance between arcade-style fun and some simulation elements, making it accessible to new players but still offering challenge for golf enthusiasts.

Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  • Gameplay: You use your VR controllers like golf clubs, mimicking swings to hit the ball. The game rewards good timing and swing power more than perfect form, making it easier to pick up for beginners.
  • Modes: It offers various modes including Free Play where you can choose courses and conditions, Challenge Mode with missions to unlock items, Training mode to hone your skills, and Online Competition for multiplayer matches.
  • Content: There are five full 18-hole courses with varied environments, but not real-world licensed locations. You can also unlock new characters, costumes, and clubs with improved stats as you play.

Overall, Ultimate Swing Golf VR is a good choice if you’re looking for a fun and accessible VR golf experience that offers both casual and more challenging aspects.

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