Luckys tale

Lucky’s Tale VR, specifically referring to the original 2016 game, is a virtual reality (VR) platformer that puts you in the shoes (well, paws) of Lucky Swiftail, a brave fox on a mission to rescue his best friend Piggy from the clutches of the villainous Glorp.

Here’s a deeper dive into the game:

  • Genre: 3D Platformer – Navigate vibrant and colorful levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and secrets to uncover.
  • Perspective: Third-Person – You control Lucky from a behind-the-back view, allowing you to see the world from his perspective and judge jumps and climbs more accurately.
  • Gameplay:
    • Objectives: Each level presents you with multiple goals: reaching the finish line, beating a time trial, and collecting all the hidden coins.
    • Exploration: Some levels have hidden underground areas to discover, rewarding your curiosity with extra coins or secrets.
    • VR Immersion: The beauty of VR shines in Lucky’s Tale. Look around freely to take in the detailed environments, adding depth and a sense of presence to the platforming challenges.
  • Remastered Version (2021): This version, available for Oculus Quest 2 and PCVR headsets, offers several improvements:
    • Enhanced Graphics: Enjoy a richer and more visually stunning world.
    • Improved Audio: Immerse yourself further with better sound effects and music.
    • Refined Gameplay: Tweaks to the controls and overall gameplay make for a smoother and more enjoyable VR platforming experience.
    • Updated Character Model: Lucky gets a makeover, sporting the character design from Super Lucky’s Tale.


Lucky’s Tale VR is a charming and well-received VR platformer that caters to players of all ages. It offers a delightful blend of platforming challenges, exploration, and a lighthearted story. If you’re looking for a fun and accessible VR adventure, Lucky’s Tale VR is a great choice.