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league of tabletop games vr

League of Tabletop Games VR is a VR title that lets you play a collection of classic board games in a virtual environment. Here’s the rundown:

Games Included:

  • Chess: The classic strategy game gets a VR makeover.
  • Ludo (Aeroplane Chess): Race your planes to victory in a virtual world.
  • Landlord (Dou Di Zhu): A popular Chinese card game where you compete to get rid of your cards strategically.
  • Chinese Chess: Another strategy game with unique piece movement mechanics.


  • Multiplayer: You can play online against friends in Landlord and Chinese Chess, adding a social element.
  • Avatars: Customize your virtual persona for online matches in Landlord and Chinese Chess.
  • Solo Play: Challenge the AI for some practice or a casual game in any of the included titles.
  • Difficulty Levels: Choose the level that suits your skill, from beginner to master.
  • Immersive Environments: The game offers various themed environments for each game, like a campsite for Ludo or a relaxing room for Chess.
  • MR Support (Chinese Chess Only): This lets you project the chessboard and pieces onto your real world using compatible hardware, creating a blended reality experience (currently only for Chinese Chess).


League of Tabletop Games VR is available on PC VR headsets through Steam and for Meta Quest devices on the Meta Store. There’s also a free version you can sideload through SideQuest.

Overall, League of Tabletop Games VR offers a VR twist on classic board games, letting you experience them in a more interactive and potentially social way.