Max Mustard

Max Mustard VR is a relatively new virtual reality (VR) platformer game designed specifically for VR headsets. Here’s a summary of what we know so far:

  • Genre: It’s a 3D platformer built from the ground up for VR, offering a focus on quality gameplay and an immersive experience.
  • Story: You embark on a heroic quest alongside the fearless protagonist Max Mustard to rescue adorable creatures called Mudpups from the clutches of a villain named Stubbins.
  • Gameplay:
    • Unique Blend: Max Mustard combines the best aspects of first-person power-ups with the familiar fun of classic third-person platforming. This means you might use VR controls to activate power-ups while navigating the world in a third-person perspective.
    • Level Design: The game boasts 40 unique levels, each handcrafted to offer exciting surprises, fresh mechanics, and keep you engaged throughout your playthrough.
    • Bosses and Upgrades: You’ll face off against 4 challenging bosses and collect 8 powerful upgrades to enhance Max’s abilities during your adventure.

Reviews and Release Date:

Max Mustard VR has received positive reviews for its focus on quality gameplay and nostalgic charm reminiscent of classic platformers. However, user reviews are not yet available as the game’s release date is yet to be announced.


While there’s no official confirmation, trailers and information suggest Max Mustard VR will be available on at least Meta Quest 2 and potentially other VR platforms requiring compatible headsets.